What should be considered in the selection of variable frequency power supplies?

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Nowadays, there are many brands in the variable frequency power supply product market, but there are really few manufacturers. Some are just under the banner of manufacturers, but they are not real manufacturers. We can identify it through the business license, and we can go to the factory to see if it is the real manufacturer. It is better to go outside the factory to see if it is really capable of production, so that we can rest assured.
The selection of variable frequency power supply is very important. Due to the variety of specifications of variable frequency power supply products, the capacity of each specification is different, and the price of its products is also different. What is more important is that if you buy a small capacity variable frequency power supply, you may not be able to bring your own products. If it is too big, it feels wasteful to spend money, so it is necessary to select a suitable variable frequency power supply device based on comprehensive factors to configure its own product.
1. You should choose according to your own load environment, especially rational, capacitive and resistive loads. You don’t need to choose the power of the load, and there is a starting blow current. According to the characteristics and types of the load, the capacity and configuration of the variable frequency power supply should be properly selected.
(1) Fans and water pumps are relatively common loads: the requirements for the inverter are relatively simple, as long as the inverter capacity is the motor capacity.
(2) Crane-type load: The characteristic of this kind of load is that it hits a lot when starting, so it requires a certain margin for the inverter. At the same time, when the elbow is placed under the heavy object, there will be energy feedback, so it is necessary to use the braking unit or adopt the common bus method.
(3) Uneven load: Some loads are sometimes light and sometimes heavy. At this time, the inverter capacity should be selected according to the environment of heavy load, such as rolling mill machinery, crushing and destroying machinery, mixers, etc.
(4) Large inertia load: such as centrifuges, punching machines, and torsional kilns in cement plants, such loads have large inertia, so they may oscillate when starting, and the motor will have energy feedback when accelerating. . A frequency converter with a slightly larger capacity should be used to accelerate the start to avoid oscillation. The common braking unit eliminates the feedback energy.
2. Select the protection structure of the variable frequency power supply according to the installation environment. The protection structure of the variable frequency power supply should be adapted to its installation environment, which requires consideration of factors such as environmental temperature, humidity, dust, pH, corrosive gas, etc., which is related to whether the variable frequency power supply can last for a long time, Safety and reliable operation are closely related. The inverter power supply should be kept away from direct sunlight, rain or humidity, and the inverter power supply should be placed away from fire sources and low temperatures to prevent the mechanical temperature from being too high.
Frequency conversion power supply needs to be maintained regularly, so as to extend the service life of frequency conversion power supply, if you do not take care of a good piece of equipment, no matter how good the product will be, it will become scrap iron, which will be heavy.