About Zhitao Electric Group Co., Ltd

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Zhitao Electric Group Co., Ltd Is a professional engaged in a variety of low-voltage electrical products design, development, production and sales of enterprises. founded in 2015, is an enterprise specialized in the design, development, production and sales of various low-voltage electrical products .It is widely used in LED lighting engineering, security monitoring, complete sets of equipment, automation equipment and other fields.

Five major advantages´╝Ü


Concentrate on the research and development and production of switching power supply, relying on the stable performance and service quality of switching power supply products
The company has always maintained a good customer reputation in the same industry, and it has also made a good brand while making products.


Adopt self-developed high-quality components, reliable and stable performance, built-in filter, excellent anti-interference performance;
Small DC ripple and high working efficiency. The soft start circuit is designed to effectively reduce the impact of strong current and make it safer to use.


Small size and light weight; low power consumption and high conversion efficiency. Modular design of industrial golden ratio, high-standard and refined parts production.
Power transistor intelligent switching on and off, the choice of high-efficiency switching power supply.


International standards are suitable for various market needs, long service life, low operating temperature. Wide input voltage range, in line with global applicable standards
Good insulation performance, high electrical strength, with short circuit, overload, overvoltage, protection functions.


Full tracking service to relieve customer worries 7*24 hours customer service online, ready to respond to all kinds of questions from customers