These knowledge industrial applications of high-power DC power supply must be understood

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High-power DC power supplies can be said to be ubiquitous, and we can't know more about them. In the industry, although high-power DC power supply is not obvious in a complete production cycle, it is ubiquitous, is the basis of production, and is indispensable in the entire production process. When it comes to the unevenness of high-power DC power supplies, I am afraid that many people's answers are the same "safe and reliable". However, safety and reliability are the ultimate appearance, and it is a deeper factor that truly determines the quality of high-power DC power supply. The knowledge in this is great!

Recently, the author was invited to participate in ADI's high-performance innovative high-power DC power supply technology seminar. After listening to the introduction of the experts on the scene, I suddenly realized that there are so many things about high-power DC power supply. In addition, the intelligence level of ADI's high-power DC power supply products is also very surprising.

"Three Dimensions" Escort Industry 4.0

When talking about the industrial application scope that accounts for more than 40% of ADI's high-power DC power supply business, Lorry, the marketing director of ADI's high-power DC power supply products in my country, concluded at the beginning, "The real essence and foundation of Industry 4.0, considering more It's more about how to provide real-time control, software-producible I/O, and the reliability, safety, and health of all these devices."

Industry 4.0 applications need to meet higher productivity requirements and meet innovation requirements in terms of flexibility, power, communication, security, and reliability. The use of all industrial products is inseparable from the high-power DC power supply. In the three dimensions of high efficiency, small size, and low EMI (electromagnetic interference), ADI can provide strong support and a series of innovative products to meet the safety and reliability requirements of high-power DC power supplies in different industrial applications.

In the industrial field, EMI is an unavoidable problem. Especially in the current factories that introduce large-scale robot operations, it is more likely that the system will crash due to EMI problems, resulting in huge losses.

Regarding the ultra-low EMI of high-power DC power supply, which is difficult to achieve, Lorry cites the latest generation of LT8614 chip using Silent Switcher technology, which has made breakthroughs and innovations from the perspective of engineering physics. It not only passes through two reverse current loops The closed path of the magnetic field is optimized, and the ringing of the rising edge of the SW is controlled to be very small through the system loop optimization. Coupled with its highly optimized packaging process, the gold wire is no longer used to bind the core, but the guide method is used. Reduce the current board, its EMI is moderately low. In addition, it also greatly reduces the ripple, solves the noise problem, and does a great job in the reliability and stability of the system.

In the field of robotics, industrial control, and even in the field of automobiles in my country, most customers are very interested in Silent Switcher technology, because in the past, almost all industrial customers or car customers only needed to solve the EMI certification problem after half a year. Time to do rectification, after the market can be listed. The emergence of Silent Switcher technology can save more than half a year of time.

In order to deal with the situation that the voltage fluctuates greatly in special industrial use places, ADI also specially introduced a very wide voltage blocking high-power DC power supply (as shown in the figure above, its high-power DC power supply has a width of 20V to 540V). At the same time, in order to reduce the design space of industrial customers and boards, ADI also designed a high-integration high-power DC power supply module. This can save customers the cost of equipment procurement, production reliability and materials. For example, the highly integrated LTM4668 has a size of only 6.25mm×6.25mm×2.1mm (length×width×height).

Make bump pressure conversion efficient and easy

There will be high pressure and low pressure on the industrial site. The mixed system is on the same board level. How to block high pressure and low pressure? Inseparable from switching high-power DC power supply.

In this regard, ADI has introduced a new concept, which consists of a controller and a transformer to form a blocking voltage controller, eliminating the need for reaction and optocoupler, and the output will become very easy. One diode and one filter capacitor complete the output adjustment rate from 0 mA to 400 mA. Even if there is no traditional response, the output can achieve an accuracy of 0.5%, and the power can reach more than 90%, which is blocking high-power DC. The realm of power is a break and a challenge.

In order to achieve this, ADI has done a lot of work, such as how to calculate and analyze the change of the output load through the waveform of the transformer to ensure that the system output maintains a certain degree of stability. Such a stable circuit originally required fifty or sixty high-power blocking DC power supplies, but now a very easy circuit only needs 10 high-power blocking DC power supplies, which shows that its overall reliability and stability have been greatly improved. ADI advances an innovation in technology in the industrial realm.

The high-power DC power supply covered by the industrial field requires tens of volts. If it is in a special place with large voltage fluctuations such as warehouses, ADI also has a response plan. ADI's wide-voltage blocking high-power DC power supplies can basically cover all industrial field voltages, ranging from 20 volts to 540 volts.

In terms of industry, the density of industrial design and the complexity of boards are getting higher and higher, and more and more efforts will be spent on the reliability of human-machine interface, control, circuit, software, and system stability. How to accelerate the iteration speed of product planning in the industrial field and the difficulty of board planning? The previous very complex high-power DC power supply system is integrated into one module, and the technology of blocking high-power DC power supply and the process of sub-packaging of integrated circuits are combined to make a high-power DC power supply module with isolation, which ensures the stability of the system. On the premise of simplifying product planning.

Lorry said that from an industrial perspective, these excellent integrated circuit packaging processes and modular technologies can help ADI's customers to flexibly design systems, further improve the security and reliability of the system, and make ADI's industrial products more and more Stablize.