LED switching power supply Why is the utilization rate of LED power supply becoming higher and higher

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LED power supply with its many advantages in the sales market has been widely used in marketing promotion. So why is LED power utilization high? Let's take a look at the advantages of LED power supply itself!

The main uses are universal

LED power supply plays a key role in lighting engineering, decoration design, lighting and other industries. For example, beautiful and generous door lighting project, ecological park landscape lighting project, engineering lighting, indoor lighting, lighting and other industries must use LED lights, LED light strip, LED light belt, LED light box, LED power supply must be used in areas such as LED advertising screens. 【LED switching power supply 】

Self highlighting

A. small

LED power supply has a small volume, so it is very convenient in transportation. It is easy to load, unload and handle, and it is not easy to spend too much freight and logistics fees, and it is convenient to transport.

B. Long service life

The service life of LED power supply is generally long. Under the working temperature of all normal applications of switching power supply, the specific service life reaches above 5000h.

[C]. Green environmental protection

LED power supply is small and convenient to transport, long life, is energy-saving goods, but LED power supply is the application of constant current power supply or constant current source, so in the whole process of application should pay attention to the output power according to the current, working voltage, regular maintenance, if there is a common fault to immediately replace the application.

LED variable light switching power supply is widely used in LED building lighting engineering industry because of its high energy saving and environmental protection efficiency. Yanshuoda GP series products five in one light changing switching power supply, conversion efficiency up to 90%, the whole process of light changing without flicker, light changing depth up to 1%, high PF value & GT; 0.95. 【LED switching power supply 】

The LED power supply of E series products adopts half dozen glue design scheme, no heat dissipation fan element harm, no real noise, high PF design scheme, high PF value & GT; 0.95, conversion efficiency up to 94%, more importantly, the output power up to 500W.