12V Switching power supply Eight ways to improve the efficiency of LED power supply

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1. PCB of main flow control loop should be as short as possible.


LAYPCB work experience, and rational layout, this is not much, a quick way to read the works of large factories. [12V Switching power supply]


2. Improve the transformer parameter design scheme to reduce eddy current loss caused by ringing.


This is more difficult, it is necessary to grasp the basic knowledge of magnetic induction, the effective design of the transformer, the key is careful, even think of can improve the efficiency of 0.5%, but also to try.


3. Use power switch components effectively.


This is the balance of cost and features, which customers specify, which components to use, but to be effective. COOLMOS, low VF output diode is unquestionable if you want high efficiency

4. Type EMI part reliability design


If lead electrical safety, these are more distinctive, the key was working experience.


5. Select topological complement structures with high efficiency


This is the gradual selection of the plan model, such as PWM and QRPFM, when the premise customer clearly put forward the high efficiency provisions, it is necessary to assess which extension to choose


6. Select a good electrolytic capacitor


Many people ignore this, the loss of electrolysis method is very large, Teacher Chen Yongzhen has an article content will be detailed explanation


7. Run part of the functional loss design scheme


Under the premise of high efficiency, we need to take into account that at this stage many integrated IC are HV running foot, running current is also more dry and lower, this point is to master the new components, of course, there are also additional power circuit high quality operation, I think it is not LED drive. [12V Switching power supply]


8. Integrated IC auxiliary power supply system upgrade


This point of ST L6563D has been emphasized in the text document, 15V is the best, but LED generally for wide working voltage output, so our choice is to add a linear regulator, so that the integrated IC work in 19V to reduce consumption.