Application fields of switching power supply

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Switching power supply is a high-frequency electric energy conversion device, which is mainly composed of main circuit, control circuit, detection circuit and auxiliary power supply. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low power consumption and high efficiency. Next, we briefly introduce the application field of switching power supply.

(1) Industrial automation control; (2) Military equipment; (3) Scientific research equipment; (4) LED lighting; (5) Industrial control equipment; (6) Communication equipment; (7) Power equipment; (8) Instrumentation; ( 9) Medical equipment; (10) Semiconductor refrigeration and heating; (11) Air purifiers; (12) Electronic refrigerators; (13) Liquid crystal displays; (14) LED lamps; (15) Communication equipment; (16) Audio-visual products; ( 17) Security monitoring; (18) LED strips; (19) Computer case; (20) Digital products and instruments and other fields.