What is a constant voltage power supply? LED constant pressure waterproof power supply characteristics

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LED waterproof power supply is described by integrated equipment. The power supply has low temperature rise, low calorific value and constant current output. High-quality equipment can improve the heat dissipation of the product, and good heat dissipation can prolong the service life of LED power supply. Smooth operation can make goods more durable, in the process of operation, goods are very good use value, high reliability, stable controller work, stable output current, no drift, the reliability of current and the quality of goods immediately related to make goods in outdoor applications are unimpeded.

LED moisture-proof power mode diversified, can be applied to a variety of ways. Using discrete system calibration technology, the image is clearer, the texture is stronger, the actual effect is more prominent, but also has a strong range of application. Whether it's the calm nature inside the room or the extreme nature outside. Will be the main performance is very smooth. Adaptability and credibility are very advantages, the use of static data scanner technology and modular technology, credibility, high reliability.

The efficiency of LED waterproof power supply has become the key of the power supply industry, new research technology must focus on the efficiency of the product, the improvement of efficiency can make the use of LED waterproof power supply greater value, good heat saving, energy saving and environmental protection function is very full, the overall development of LED power supply is more stable and fast. It is colorful, composed of three primary colors (red, green, blue) display unit boxes, so that the electronic screen can display colorful, high saturation, high resolution, high frequency of display of dynamic images. The light source in the strong sunlight under the LED can also control the led light tube degree.