NPB-1700 Series 1700W Reliable Ultra-Wide Output Range Intelligent Battery Charger

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Shortly after launching the 450W/750W/1200W ultra-wide range reliable and intelligent universal charger NPB-450/750/1200 series, MEAN WELL is now releasing the 1700W higher wattage— NPB-1700 series. This series features intelligence, wide voltage, multi-purpose design, flexible functions, safety and durability as its core features. The unit is designed with built-in MCU and newly patented auto ranging battery detection technology, which will automatically adjust charging voltage settings depending on the battery voltage (Note this mode is only suitable for Li-ion batteries with BMS). Additionally, there are 12V(10.5~21V), 24V(21~42V) and 48V(42~80V) three different models that come with a 2:1 wide charging voltage range. Each unit can be used for a wide range of batteries, so the users do no need to purchase multiple chargers due to variety of batteries. This not only saves costs for users, but also contributes to saving the environment and sustainable development.

In addition to intelligent voltage detection, ultra-wide voltage, and universal applications, the NPB-1700 can also pair with the MEAN WELL SBP-001 to connect to computer to program various parameter such as select 2/3 stage charging, adjust charging voltage/current, set charger timeout, etc. The charger parameters may also be adjusted manually via the user-friendly DIP S.W. on the front panel for the charging current (50~100%) or selection between the 4 preset curves. For more professional application integration, the NPB-1700 has built-in CANBus protocol, which allows remote setting and monitoring of the charger. In terms of safety features, the charger detects if battery voltage is correct and if it is properly connected before it starts charging.

The charger also has reverse polarity protection. It is certified to ITE IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 and household appliances EN60335-1/-2-29 dual safety, ensuring reliable operation. Combined with 3 years warranty, it is a universal intelligent charger with excellent cost performance. It is suitable for charging systems used for RV, RV trailers, electric scooter, skateboard, AGV, AMR, service robots, medical cart, electric wheelchair, portable light tower, yacht, security equipment chargers, etc.


  • Ultra-wide charging voltage (10.5~21V, 21~42V, 42~80V)
  • Built-in CANBus protocol for control, setting and monitoring
  • Programmable 2/3 stage and charging curve settings via SBP-001
  • Manual setting for 2/3 stage and 4 built-in charging curves via DIP switch
  • Adjust charging current between 50~100% via VR on front panel
  • Over temperature automatic de-rating
  • Thermal controlled DC fan for noise reduction
  • Temperature compensation function to prolong battery life
  • Multiple protections: Short circuit / Over voltage / Over temperature / Battery under voltage / Battery reverse polarity (no damage)
  • Suitable for lead-acid (Pb) and li-ion batteries
  • Carry handle accessory available (Order No.: DS-Carry handle)
  • Safety: CB, UL, DEKRA, EAC, CE, UKCA (62368-1 + 60335-1/-2-29)
  • 3-year warrantyNPB-1700 Series 1700W Reliable Ultra-Wide Output Range Intelligent Battery ChargerNPB-1700 Series 1700W Reliable Ultra-Wide Output Range Intelligent Battery Charger