IoT Wireless Smart Lighting Solution

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As the 5G telecommunication booms, lighting products is expected to integrate with more intelligent control. The luminaires are no longer just lighting tools. Intelligent lighting is the market trend no matter in wired or wireless control. The ultimate goal is to integrate all lighting fixtures and home devices into the same network and control these devices through the APP. Users can easily control the lights, achieving energy, and asset management.

MEAN WELL implemented Bluetooth for it’s IoT smart lighting solution. The Bluetooth low energy mesh networking solution not only can transfer audio streaming and data transfer but also can automatically connect devices as a self-organized networking system. The new technology for Bluetooth mesh function can solve one-by-one connect disadvantage and short distance transformation issues. On the other hand, Casambi, Silvair and Tuya, three UI were provided allow users to select according to region or it’s personal habit. More to that, 2 complee product line LCM IoT and PWM IoT were announce to meet the market demand of both CV and CC mode applications.

LCM-25/40/60 IoT series, constant current mode (C.C mode) design with adjustable current by dip-switch, and PWM-60/120 IoT series, constant voltage mode (C.V mode). Both series can be used for the same project. Besides, the LCM-25/40/60 BLE series is designed with Push dimming function, operated with traditional Push button to dim single-group luminaires. Not only is the traditional usage retained, but the lighting control also becomes more intelligent.

Finally, MEAN WELL demonstrate the IoT product with IoT demo kit in the video.