Knowledge of LED power supply

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一, LED power supply efficacy

LED power supply is a kind of equipment that transforms ac current into DC power supply, and transforms 380V or 110V into the necessary working voltage of LED lamps and lanterns. Also called power transformer, transformer, fire ox, etc. The working voltage of LED SMled bead for each family generally ranges from 2.8V to 3.4V. The LED bead series and parallel circuits together form a power circuit. According to the needs of the power circuit, we can choose an appropriate switching power supply. He is a number of integrated IC series and parallel on a base plate, switching power supply must be presented according to the appropriate working voltage and current to ensure that the lamp source works

二, common parameters of LED power supply.

Input voltage: according to the country, China, Europe, Australia and other countries are 220V to 240V, so we generally use the narrow voltage AC200-240V, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea AC 100-110V.

Output voltage: generally determined according to the series of lamp beads, about 32-37V.

Output current (constant voltage): determined according to the parallel connection of the beads: 250mA, 300mA, 350mA, 500mA, 600mA, 700Ma, 800mA, 900mA, 1050mA, 1200mA, etc.

1. Power factor of power supply:

Power factor is an important technical data of power system. Power factor is a factor that measures the efficiency of electrical equipment. Low power factor indicates that the circuit used for alternating magnetic field conversion has high unwanted power,

Thus, the utilization rate of machinery and equipment is reduced and the damage to the power supply system is increased.

Use PF to indicate that general PF> 0.9 or PF> 0.95

2. Power efficiency of switching power supply conversion:

The power consumed by the LED bead divided by the percentage of the total power of the lamp,

The more efficient it is, the less electricity it wastes and the more it converts to light.

三, led power supply key components

Capacitance: Determines the life of the power supply

IC: determines the stability of the entire power supply and the cross-current accuracy of the current.

Metal oxide semiconductor: stable voltage

Transformer: step-down voltage from 220 or 110 volts to lamp bead required voltage.

It is widely used for track spot lamp, ceiling lamp, track spot lamp, spot piece ceiling lamp, COB ceiling lamp and other indoor lighting, projection lamp, stadium lamp, buried lamp and other outdoor lighting engineering commodity lighting equipment.